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14 February 2010 @ 10:48 pm
 Hey guys~! 

Welcome to AniUV_scans, where you can view magazine scans and trans of DBSK (and some other kpop fandoms)

As a huge cassie, I wanna gather the magazine scans of the group here, especially as HQ as possible. Sharing is love, isn't it? XD

-gives cookies- Remember to comment, XD.


October 2009 [trans/scans] Seventeen Magazine -- DBSK in A-nations {16 oct 09} [MQ]
January 2010 [trans/scans] JJ Magazine Valentines' Special Project: DBSK [HQ]
February 2010 [trans/scans] Bigeast Magazine Vol 15 {15 Feb 10} [MQ]
February 2010 [trans/scans] S Cawaii: Jejung in the room [MQ]
March 2010 [trans/scans] Pati Pati DBSK Special [MQ]
October 2011 [trans/scans] YG Magazine October Part II: TVXQ Private Talk [MQ]  

Super Junior:
February 2010 [trans/scans] HanChul CP for Y.G Magazine Valentines Special [MQ]

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